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Stargazing: I Am Here - noanowa

Is everyone excited? We're staring 2016 right in the face, and I'm just about ready to open the door and welcome it in. But before 2016 overtakes our current year, I want to take these last few hours to share one last song with you all.

We've looked over the music of noanowabefore, the band that named themselves over the onomatopoeia used to describe the echoing of sounds passed between the band members. Today we look at 'I Am Here', one of my personal favourite songs by the group. The track features a wholesome sound that just encapsulates your surroundings, making you feel sort of like the feeling you get welcoming a beuatiful sunrise with your arms open atop a gorgeous mountain peak. In a similar idea, I hope you will count down to 2016, and responsibly enjoy welcoming the new year with your friends and family. Take a quick look back at the year and realize: "Hey, I made it! I overcame some of my challenges and picked up some new ones to tackle in the months to come. What's important is that I made it. I am here."

Thanks everyone for another fantastic year of 31 Days of Stargazing! Peek back tomorrow to see my entire 2015 anime year review, and as one of my resolutions for 2016 is to do a lot more with Hiroi Sekai, I hope you are as excited as I am to move forward.