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Stargazing: Hinadori - Kominato Miwa

Oh boy, I'm getting excited just talking about this one. Let's enter Day 15 with a little special track actually vocalized from a video game soundtrack!

Bravely Default was a fresh concept on the JRPG, utilizing a Brave (burning extra move credits to dish out flurries of attacks at once) and Default (skipping turns to stockpile credits) system that made turn based combat feel so new again. It was also a game filled with beautifully painted landscapes, fun characters and a vast world to explore whilst following an enjoyable storyline. The best part about the game however was the soundtrack. That beautiful, delicious soundtrack.

Of all of the tracks, 'Hinadori' was an immediate favourite of mine, played specifically when one specific heroine unleashed her overdrive moves. The catch was that the song would play its loop, and during that period your attacks remained boosted, which was another great concept. While 'Hinadori'was a powerful piece filled with a fast-paced beat, saxophone and a guitar lick that just sounds too good to be contained in a video game alone, musical project Linked Horizon brought this epic piece to a much greater height by adding layers of instruments and the powerful voice of Kominato Miwa.

It's a huge improvement on a track I already held in high regards, so be sure to check out the Luxendarc Daikiko album, where even more tracks are featured.