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Stargazing: Hajimari no Umi - Sakamoto Maya

Sakamoto Maya is a veteran of the music scene, involving both her solo career and her contributions to anime. Macross FrontierCardcaptor SakuraKobatoTamayura and many more in between. If you think that's where her talents end, she also produces music for many other artists, plays a number of instruments and does some seriously memorable voice acting, including (but certainly not limited to) everyone's favourite Monogatari vampire girl, Shinobu.

Today, we're checking out the opening theme to Tamayura ~More Aggressive~. True to the series' atmosphere, "Hajimari no Umi" is a very peaceful and calming song. I absolutely love how Tamayura appoints both Sakamoto Maya and Nakajima Megumi to perform songs all throughout the soundtrack. They're both very talented musicians without a doubt.