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Stargazing: Good morning my dream - Ruka・Mona・Miki from AIKATSU☆STARS!

Well, it's time. Time to say goodbye to the old, and chime in a new year filled with new opportunities, challenges and discoveries. I've made my resolutions and am ready to say "good morning" to January 1. But first, let's enjoy the final day with one last song.

'Good morning my dream' is an ending theme from Aikatsu!, a series I greatly enjoyed this year. It features a cast that swapped out a crew that I had been with for over 100 episodes and come to like a lot. However, while the latter portions of the show never felt as strong as its former for me, they still found many ways for me to enjoy the show as a whole. One of the best things to come out of those portions for me was this beautiful ending.

I absolutely love how the song starts, mixing alarm clock sounds trying to wake up a drowsy Akari with the click sounds of her slapping the snooze button in immediate retaliation. Every visual is woven in a cute yarn or fabric, and the lyrics are really innocent too. It's a great composition about waking up from what is just a dream into what you can make into reality. The climactic and harmonious interlude is my absolute part, where the characters greet the morning with a cute "la-la-la-la, good morning!". I recommend watching the ending video along with the song at some point.

And with that, I shall say my personal thanks to all of you for another great year with Hiroi Sekai. I've got so many aspirations for this site and the other projects I'm working on, and I can only continue to do the best I can for all of those. To me, a project is something that has a start and an absolute end. I never dedicate myself to starting a project if I can't finish it. So even if some of the things I've promised on this site seem to be lingering and stuck somewhere, I am still working on them. Just remember, like everyone, I've got a life to live alongside it. I hope to see you all again in 2017, and enjoy your festivities!