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Stargazing: Gohan wo Tabeyo - Goose house

Who's hungry? It may be just after midnight here, but I'm STARVING. As such, I'll need a song that touches upon that perfect sweet spot of of warmth and satisfaction.

If you joined us for the 2014 "31 Days of Stargazing", you know a little bit about Goose houseby now. Even if you didn't, there's an additional chance you may have heard them perform the opening theme to Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. With a healthy mixture of female and male musicians in this semi-larger group, Goose househas their own distinct, fun style that is easily distinguishable in the crowd.

'Gohan wo Tabeyo' is a lovingly pure song talking about the joys of indulging in meals prepared with care, with the wonderfully simple state of ecstasy one reaches by sharing a warm meal with another. Reflecting this lyrical structure, the Goose house members take turns singing the verses leading up to the chorus, which is my favourite part.

Let me share a little personal story of something I witnessed this year, and I hope you will all take a little something away from it for this holiday season. While a friend and I were walking towards our monorail station stop, he stated suddenly that he wanted to pick up something small from the nearby A&W. Nabbing two burgers, we eventually returned to the same location. Moments later, he takes one of his burgers and stretches out his arm to a stranger looking quite cold on the floor. I won't forget the look of thanks on his face. If anything, it made me disappointed that I had even failed to notice someone like that facing the cold and hunger on his own, and I was quite thankful that my friend filled that void I had missed. I'm not saying everyone needs to go out and become saints preaching the good word or something like that, but if you can take some special consideration for those who aren't as fortunate as us this season, maybe we can all enjoy a warmer Christmas this year.