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Stargazing: Giragira Summer (^ω^)ノ - May'n

It never hurts to make a few more musical discoveries throughout the year, so for the first time, we're going stargazing outside of the month of December. How about I share a really exciting summer song?

'Giragira Summer (^ω^)ノ' (the little ASCII face is integral to the title!) was a track included in the 'Universal Bunny' mini album from the first Macross Frontier movie, 'Itsuwari no Hime'. May'n delivers her impressive vocal power to this energetic summer song that never fails to fill me with sun-sparkling energy. I absolutely love the synths that just pump life into the instrumentals and the guitar solo in the middle that never seems to stop ramping up in excitement. Just remember, this is just one of the great songs from the unforgettable Macross music library. It's something that should not be missed.