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Stargazing: Funwari Fuwari - Goto Mai

We're revisiting a series that just screams winter. As much as Kanon is my favourite winter series of all time, today we're talking about Mashiroiro Symphony, a show that actually draws a resemblance to the prior title.

Goto Mai plays Uryu Sakuno, the sister character of the series. You know what I'm talking about here. One look at her character design and you can see that Mashiroiro Symphony sports a lovely colour palette and some nicely detailed characters. Including a stellar voice cast to that mix gave the series a really soft winter atmosphere that I grew to love. The series had its sad moments, but I didn't feel like it was uncomfortably forced upon me.

Looking at this character song of Sakuno and the rather impressive character song selection overall, 'Funwari Fuwari' has this airy progression that just lets your mind melt into the melody and the smooth vocals. It's cute and I just can't get enough of it every holiday season since I first discovered it. Hopefully you'll share my love for this song, and check out the other music from this soundtrack if you enjoy it.