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Stargazing: Flower in Green - Nakajima Megumi

It's been 3 years since Nakajima Megumi, the treasured voice of Macross Frontier's Ranka Lee and the vocalist of too many great songs to name announced her hiatus from the musical world. It was certainly a revelation I was not prepared for at the time, as her decently active role in the anime industry hadn't shown any signs of faltering.

Regardless, a mere two days ago, her new site launched with news that the hiatus was over. Naturally, I was overjoyed. So, with great respect to Nakajima-san's stellar contributions to my Japanese music library, today we look into 'Flower in Green', a song that appeared in both her last album and as an insert for Rinne no Lagrange. This song was produced in collaboration with one of my favourite composers, Rasmus Faber. Any song the man gets involved with radiates such exuberance, and he's got a great taste of talented seiyu to complement his works. If you like the energy of today's song, definitely look up more of both Faber and Nakajima's works- it's the perfect time to do so.