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Stargazing: Flower - Fujiwara Miho

Today was downright chilly- the perfect temperature to start snowing. I even saw snow on the mountains and a thick supply of clouds that would bring it our way. Somewhere in the world however, an evil cloud buster rose from the ashes and removed the clouds from existence, leaving a clear sky for me to stare at tonight.

I'm not exactly disappointed at this point, but I'm looking back thinking it would have been nice to see some fresh white powder again. It's a perfect mood for tonight's melancholic track, which served as Kanon's ending theme. My qualms about this series getting so much hate when compared to Kyoto Animation's version are going to be suppressed for another day, but let it be known that someone in this world still loves Kanon (2002).

'Flower' is a song of mixed emotions, emitting a sorrowful tone, but a hopeful one as well. It's a great song to listen to if you need a deep moment of thought, or if you just need to sit down and reminisce on how events and memories have gone by.