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Stargazing: fashion check! - Waka • Furi • Sunao • Remi • Moe from STAR☆ANIS

With Day 2, I am continuing the celebration of my neverending love of the Aikatsu! soundtrack, as it is one of my many goals to get the series the exposure it so deserves.

If you haven't seen or heard of it before, Aikatsu! is a pure-to-heart idol series, focusing on a main cast of idol friends and a constantly changing colourful cast around them. It beautifully portrays the foundations of growing into idol stardom and doesn't need hefty amounts of melodrama to do so. It's charming, has an incredibly cute design, and most of all...it has a killer soundtrack.

Today's song features my personal favourite 3D CG stage performance in the show, 'fashion check!'. Not only is the song vividly creative in its lyrics and tune, but it acts as a prime example of why I love the creativity of Aikatsu's stage performances. If you like the song itself, I humbly request you check out the compilation video I recently made of all of the performances from the show here. Or even better, I hope it entices you to check out the series for yourself.