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Stargazing: Extra - Goose house

Extra! Extra! Day 28 is here, and December is almost over. Is everyone still feeling the holiday love? Perhaps today's song will help you along further. Spread the cheer if you have extra to spend!

Goose house is a musical group that is known for performing a lot of acoustic-style covers with the most basic instruments and vocal harmonies. While this down-to-earth method is very commendable, their strongest works come from their original albums. 'Extra'is an opening piece to one of said albums, and it's a slow and somewhat somber song that vocalizes the shattered memories of a person who has always been the second player, the forgotten friend and the third wheel. It's a heartfelt song that reminds us that we're all "extras with hopes unshed".

It's the perfect song for a quiet winter night that you're spending inside, away from the bustle of civilization. Everyone you know has made plans for the night, leaving you alone in the silence of the evening. You wonder why nobody invited you to join them, and there's a small emptiness creeping up from the dark. This song will remind you that all of us have a night like this at some point.