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Stargazing: Chocolate Flavor – BRADIO

You know damn well that quality chocolate is a big staple of the holiday season, and so does today's artist, BRADIO. I'm actually trying to avoid drooling at the mouth just thinking about the succulent cocoa, so I'm just going to dive into bed after posting this post, and hopefully that'll be enough to put that sweet tooth to sleep.

So does anyone remember when Death Parade was airing and BRADIO really set their foot in the popular music industry with their funkalicious opening, 'Flyers'? It definitely was a bit of a great shock at the time, as BRADIO had really just had their own style before that point that I personally thought was well under their potential. Once the successful format was discovered, it was time for this band to bring funk and rock together, and it could only be fronted by one hell of an epic afro. Say, doesn't Sukima Switchalso bolster an amazing afro? I wonder if Japanese afros give their owners a great sense of funky rhythm?

As for today's song, 'Chocolate Flavor' is a fantastic blend of smooth and bold, like all good chocolate should be. The silky guitar riffs melt into the harmonies that only this addictive group can provide. It's actually kind of scary how much I've been replaying BRADIO's songs lately, and with their newest single already spawning a song that I set to repeat, I can only see them releasing more and more sugary goodness over these next few years. Until then, mix up some nice hot chocolate and maybe even check out the rest of the 'POWER OF LIFE' album? This is just one of the amazing tracks on it, after all.