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Stargazing: Chocolate Baby - microstar

During an impromptu music hunt last night for some new shibuya-kei style music, I came across a band that introduced me a brand new genre that I can't wait to dig further into. "City Pop" is a genre name I haven't heard before, but I've definitely been a victim of its funky sounds before.

'Chocolate Baby' is the front-and-centre song of the album 'She Got the Blues' by 'microstar'. Doling out some lower energy, but still very appealing songs back in 2008, microstar released 'She Got the Blues' earlier in 2016, bringing forth many of their singles and some new songs as well. Out of all of the electrifyingly alive tracks, 'Chocolate Baby' is my favourite, deeply resembling the unforgettable 'Sonic the Hedgehog' soundtracks from the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive days.