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Stargazing: Watashi Dake no Chizu ~Shooting Star~ - JUNNA

Another beautiful day graces us here in my city as I keep praying to the deities to keep continuing this trend. I do enjoy snow, but it can happily come around December 24 and 25, then be gone until the following year. I would not mind that one bit.

Today’s song is one that we’ve actually featured before, in a sense. Last year, in fact! So why are we bringing JUNNA’s ‘Shooting Star’ back for another feature? Because in the newer LORD of VERMILION: Guren no Ō ending single, they gave the already praiseworthy track a strawberry and icing topping that leaves it so much more succulent.

Not only did they move the original track into a softer key, but they softened up the instrumentals and even returned the heavily anglicized lyrics to mostly Japanese. I still absolutely love the original English-heavy vocals as well (since JUNNA does a pretty noteworthy job singing them), but her powerful voice really shines through in native Japanese for me. Have a listen to the original here and comment which version you like more!