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Stargazing: Cherish - Kanae Ito, Hayami Saori

New Hell has two lovely members on their team, voiced by the immensely talented Kanae Ito and Hayami Saori. Together they have graced the Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai universe with a number of fantastic songs, but 'Cherish' is one of my favourites.

Once again, the formula of combining a very powerful songstress with a softer, cuter voice works very well. Devils Elsie and Haqua have been friends since their school days in New Hell, but it's clear that they are two completely different personalities altogether. However, it's not really a focus in this enchanting duet filled with sublime vocalizations.

What I really love about this song is that it plays to its best assets, the two talented singers. One would think the sharp contrast between the innocent, childlike voice of Kanae Ito and the graceful, ladylike voice of Hayami Saori would be too harsh, but it has this surprising charm to it. Perhaps the intended effect is enhanced by the fact that I watched the Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai series in its entirety and witnessed the friendship between the two, but I think you can appreciate how good they sound together at the least. It's made all the better when it transitions from solo verses to complete harmonization, where the song takes on a whole new level. It's rare to hear such an emphasis on background harmonization vocals from beginning to end, but they go above and beyond here. True to its name, this song is something I will cherish for a long, long time.