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Stargazing: But Not For Me - Shinpei Ruike, Masayoshi Furukawa

We're so close to the middle of December, so where's all this time disappearing to? It's probably all this great music passing the time!

Day 12 brings to us a very classic tune, 'But Not For Me'. Yoko Kanno has reimagined such great classics into the soundtrack for Sakamachi no Apollon, all while breathing such new life into them to modernize them. Another great treasure of my past that was reborn here is 'My Favourite Things' from The Sound of Music; it's a breathtakingly memorable musical that I just did not appreciate enough back when I was younger. I recall thinking it was too long and somewhat boring, but that old magic really stuck with me down the road. When I returned at a more mature age, I realized just how wholesome and timeless it was. Enough of that though, today's song is an entirely separate piece of magic from Sakamichi no Apollon.

'But Not For Me' is a down-to-earth and soulful song. It's powered by smooth vocals and backed by a wonderful and light jazz band, the mixture of which is nothing short of fantastic. Reminds me of my jazz band days!