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Stargazing: Aozora - Ozawa Ari, Hidaka Rina, Taneda Risa, Hanamori Yumiri

Oh man, I've just been itching to have another opportunity to talk about the music from one of my big charmer series of the year, THE ROLLING GIRLS. At the time I was introduced to it by Echoes, I thought little of it overall- perhaps a little offering of brief enjoyment while I waited for my big shows to come out. Luckily, it ended up being a series that I just keep thinking more and more about, and the music producers seem to think so as well. Today's track is from a new CD for the series that was released at a more recent live concert.

Before delving into the track itself, let me take the short opportunity to talk a bit more about the tiny little joys that THE ROLLING GIRLS brings. Your attachment to the main 4 girls in the squad grows quickly while watching the show, and going through their struggles to provide others with help despite their lack of strength is just so charmingly commendable. Spunk is a great word to use for these tough characters. As such, the soundtrack is almost entirely comprised of covers of a pretty weathered Japanese punk rock band, The Blue Hearts. You would think that 4 little girls could do little justice for a genre that seems to be far from their comfort level, but listening to them give it their all is beyond lovable. I actually met with one of the seiyuu for the show this year, and after meeting with Hanamori Yumiri, I could tell her passion in Chiaya's character was not just something done in the moment for the show. She was absolutely delighted to be front and center at Anime Expo to see the love for her adorable blond personification. Sadly, as a budding new talent in the wings, she wasn't met with nearly as much upfront love as Kurosawa Tomoyo, who had come with Hanamori to debut Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru, or at least the English dub release of it. Kyoto Animation's Hibike! Euphonium scored much more popularity points with fans than THE ROLLING GIRLS did, after all.

But that's exactly my point. Enough people are watching Hibike! Euphonium. More people need to realize the beautiful charm of 4 spunky girls traveling the lands and overcoming the most ridiculous oppositions in search of growth. The visuals are bursting with life, the character designs (and voice acting!) are exemplary, and by god, that soundtrack is just incredible. 'Aozora' is today's focus track, and it is a somewhat more relaxed song for the peppy girls. It has a sweet vibe to its overall tone, and the stronger voice of Taneda Risa works beautifully with the others. This show can even make a shamisen rock solo one of the most epic things imaginable, and such a past-meets-present merging is just...well, ROCK. Check out the 'STONES' single if you want to hear that piece of majesty. Until then, sit back and enjoy today's song.