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Stargazing: Ango ~Hikari ga Imi Suru Mono~ - RAM WIRE

We continue into Day 2 with a strong track from RAM WIRE and their 'Beautiful World' album. 'Ango ~Hikari ga Imi Suru Mono~'is a wonderful way to remember that slow, silent songs aren't the only songs that paint the holiday portrait. RAM WIRE are a powerhouse trio that I wouldn't normally classify as having festive music, but this one just works so well that I had to include it in this year's list.

Have a listen to this encapsulating track. If it connects with you this season, why not check out the rest of their fantastic discography? This album alone has some fantastic songs, but their range extends much further than that. While they've stepped foot in the anime world before with a theme for the Naruto spinoff, I hope they'll get more opportunities to shine in this aspect in the future.