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Stargazing: Angel Snow - Remi from STAR☆ANIS

Alrighty, we've crossed into the second half of the countdown to Christmas! If you're new here, just be forewarned that I'm a complete sucker for Christmas and will bask in the good feelings of the season whenever given the chance.

So let me spread that happiness with a festive song from Aikatsu!. Much like Christmas, I try and promote this series' joyous nature whenever I can, and today's song is more than excellent at doing so.

'Angel Snow' is a track that is introduced quite early in the show's 178 episode run. It was the kickoff song to cement Arisugawa Otome's character into the main cast, and it's a really sweet song that matches her character well. While other songs in the Aikatsu! lineup could arguably be made for any season, 'Angel Snow' is one of those that you instantly think of "winter" when it comes on. Don't be mistaken though, I will happily listen to it any time of the year.