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Stargazing: Amefuribana - Makino Yui

Seems it's not going to be snowy season quite yet this year. As such, we're hit with yet another rainy day. In many ways, this is okay for me. When it snows in this city, all of our public transportation options seem to freak out and grind to an immediate halt, making commutes next to impossible. However, I'm one of those few people who like snow. We get enough rain in this city all year, but hey, I'll show it some appreciation in this season nonetheless.

'Amefuribana' is an insert song used in Aria: The Natural, a piece of the gorgeous Aria series. Constructed specifically for rainy scenery, it's a song I respectfully remember to play every time it pours in our city, which is a little too often. At the least, rainy days means I get to hear the gentle vocals of Makino Yui, which really helps with the dreary feeling constant rain brings with it. Hopefully it can do the same for you.