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Stargazing: Akanezora - Asami Seto

Once more, I am forced to return to what is originally considered an "autumn song" for our list, because it's just so fitting in the end. From the VERY autumnal series Chihayafuru, we are graced with an ending song from the titular heroine Chihaya and her incredibly talented seiyu, Asami Seto.

Heavily focused on the pure poetry that is the ideal of change, Chihayafuru needed a theme that was just as beautiful as it was. Luckily, we're graced with one that perfectly portrays the emotion I feel when I feel the last winds of autumn carrying me into the first chills of winter. I lose myself in its wonder every time I'm exposed to its slow incremental climb from its meek opening to its powerful chorus.

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you should let Chihayafuru pass you by. It is a glorious two seasons of the poetic sport of karuta, with a brilliant cast and stunning visuals to boot. I can't recommend it enough.