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Stargazing: 24 - Sakamoto Maya

'Tis the season to be of good cheer, show generosity and love for one another and set aside your problems and concerns for just a few days. Whether or not you believe in Christmas, this is a special time of the year for us all when we're shrouded in colourful lights, goodwill and hopefully even snow! When it comes down to it, let's all be charitable and good people, even if it's just for these next few days.

So as we sit on the 24th day of December, I saw it only necessary to share this Sakamoto Maya song entitled '24' with you. It was only ever featured on the 'Platinum' single for Cardcaptor Sakura, but it appeared later in the 'Single Collection + Hotchpotch' collection. It's a beautifully relaxing song composed of entirely English vocals, which Sakamoto Maya has pretty good control over. No matter how many times I hear her melodies, Sakamoto Maya only seems to get better at encapsulating me with her voice. I sincerely hope she only continues down her incredible musical journey.