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Aikatsu! The Musical Stage

Aikatsu! is an absolutely encapsulating anime for me. So with this huge gap in posts on the site, what has ol' Chroma been doing to lead off with that line? Why, I've been taking every single performance from the gargantuan list of songs from the original series in hopes that it will serve as a foothold for your exposure to this wonderful gem.

To me, Aikatsu! holds the gold standard for 3D CG performances in the idol anime world, and it crushes me to see how woefully underappreciated and in the dark it is. This video was compiled in the hopes that you'll at least end up jumping into the incredible soundtrack, for that alone deserves some sort of award. It's a very long series at 178 episodes, but if I, the "has-trouble-wanting-to-jump-into-larger-shows" Chroma can feel the constant urge to want to see it again and again, I'm hoping it can do the same for you. If you do get through it, it even has a currently airing sequel titled Aikatsu Stars!.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this musical stage in all of its adorable, foot-tapping and mesmerizing glory.