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We want to achieve more when playing games. Week by week, chime in your vote on what specific challenge you want us to tackle, and we'll face them head on for 7 days. How many will we complete, and how many will we fail? We'll keep a total tally on this, along with a colourful overview of each individual game and challenge we face.

- Current Challenge -


Papers, Please

Papers, Please is an iOS and Steam game where you work as a border immigration officer for the glorious country of Arstotzka for the love of your own country. As you play through the game, you will be faced with a growing list of requirements to check against the documents you are given, along with moral decisions through dialogue. The goal of the story mode is to make it through a month in your newfound position with the strain of potentially being arrested, being unable to feed your family, or failing to please your Arstotzkan leaders.

However, this challenge will take place in the game's Endless mode. In Story mode, you can essentially rack up a number of citations for incorrectly permitting or denying entry for the wrong people with penalties, but in Endless mode, you are given 3 chances at best. The game will be played on iOS, and the challenge is to earn enough points to earn a place in the all-time Top 10 scores. The challenge starts 12:01 AM on November 2 and is considered to be a failure if not achieved by 11:59 PM on November 8.

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Challenge completed!


Glory to Arstotzka!


After a challenging 5 days of hour long attempts and foolish mistakes that immediately ended runs, the goal was achieved.

With a score of 178, it was enough to get 7th place of all time out of 2,490 players. This was played on Perfection mode (one mistake ends the game) with the third level of document difficulty.

Gameplay video of achievement and tips article coming very soon!


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